Prunus africana (Hook.f.) Kalkm. [Syn: Pygeum africanum Hook.f.] ROSACEAE.


Names: Red Stinkwood (Trade name); Mueri (Standard name); Muiri (Kikuyu).

Description: Evergreen tree 6-25m; bark grey-black, corrugated. Leaves often with red petiole and midrib, ovate, elliptic or obovate, base cuneate or rounded, apex obtuse to shortly acuminate, margin crenate-serrate, 4-16 by 1.5-7cm, glabrous. Flowers white or cream, in axillary racemes 3-8cm long; corolla lobes to 2mm long. Fruit red to purple-black, ellipsoid, up to 8 by 12mm.

Occurrence: Moist evergreen forest, riverine; often in remnants or margins.

Use: Excellent timber, used for house building and furniture. The heartwood darkens to a dense dark red and was used for strong furniture, wagons and heavy construction work. It also makes excellent firewood.