Neoboutonia macrocalyx Pax EUPHORBIACEAE.


Name: Mutundu (Kikuyu).

Description: Tree (2)7-25m; bark fairly smooth, grey-brown. Leaves broadly ovate or subcircular, base cordate, apex acute or shortly acuminate, margin entire or denticulate, 6-35 by 6-35cm, pubescent on vein-network; petiole 10-20cm long, with 2 stipitate glands near leaf-insertion. Inflorescence with yellow-green flowers, to 50 by 30cm. Fruit grey, three-lobed, 10-12 by 12-13mm, stellate-pubescent.

Occurence: Upland forest, mostly on edges and in clearings. A quick-growing pioneer in places where moist forest has been disturbed or cleared.

Use: Suitable for paper pulp: wood soft, white and fibrous.