Macaranga kilimandscharica Pax. EUPHORBIACEAE.


Names: Macaranga(Standard name); Mukuhakuha (Kikuyu).

Description: Tree 6-24m; bark pale grey (rarely described as pale red-brown). Leaves triangular-ovate, base cuneate, rounded, truncate or rarely subcordate, occasionally peltate, apex acuminate, 5-15 by 3-10cm. 3-7-nerved from the base, rusty-tomentellous but glabrescent, densely glandular-punctate beneath. Inflorescence 2-10cm long, with yellow-green flowers. Fruit dull green, subglobose or two-lobed, 4-6 by 5-11mm, densely glandular.

Occurence: Moist upland forest, often abundant in forest edges.

Use: Wood used for boxes and crates.