Hagenia abyssinica (Bruce) J.F.Gmel. ROSACEAE.


Names: Hagenia (Common); Mumondo (Kikuyu).

Description: Tree 5-25m, often with a crooked bole; bark red-brown, fissured, peeling. Leaves imparipinnate, with winged petiole and 9-17 leaflets 10-15 by 3-5cm, with serrate margin, pubescent. Flowers greenish or white, turning reddish in female flowers, in drooping terminal panicles to 0.5m long; corolla 7.5(male) to 18(female)mm across.

Occurence: Dominant in the woodland zone just above bamboo; also in moist forest below the bamboo.

Use: The wood is dark red, hard and useful for furniture, but attacked by borers.