Brachylenia huillensis O.Hoffm. [B. hutchinsii Hutch.] COMOPSITAE (ASTERACEAE)


Names: Muhuhu, Muhugu (Standard name, Swahili), Mugugu (Kikuyu).

Description: Tree 10-18(36)m, evergreen; bark rough, grey, peeling longitudinally. Leaves narrowly elliptic to slightly obovate, base cuneate or attenuate, apex acute or short-acuminate, margin entire or serrate in young plants, 3-12 by 1-4cm (larger in saplings), revolute, densely grey-white tomentose beneath. Flowers white or greenish yellow, in heads in 2-3cm long erect axillary panicles.

Occurence: Upland semi-deciduous forest, locally common, and lowland dry forest or thicket.

Use: Wood is pale brown, hard and fairly heavy, with a fine, wavy grain; very durable in the ground and in salt water. This is one of the principal trees used by the Kamba woodcarvers, who are allowed to fell a limited number by the Forestry Department.